Audra Ward DDS
Dental Office
G2 Architects
Dental Office Architects Kansas City

This tenant finish project consisted of architectural
services for a 2,216sf Periodontist office design.

Design Objective:

The client wanted an modern contemporary office
which incorporated elements of green design.  We
achieved this by creative design and the careful
selection of materials.  The main circulation space
was conceived as a central gallery in lieu of a simple
hall.  We exposed the ceiling to the structure above
to increase the volume of the space and we provided
recessed niches into the wall for the display of
artwork.  A freestanding brush station was designed
with a floating mirror and accent lighting was used
throughout for ambiance.  The style of space
embraces the green aesthetic through the use of
ecological materials including Dakota Burl, a unique
composite material manufactured from sunflower
hulls, a rapidly renewable agricultural by-product.  
This product was cut into slats and used to surface
the reception desk and other casework elements.   
Another selection was the modularArts "VortexBloom"
wall panels installed on one wall in the waiting room
and as accent panels in the central gallery space.   
These cementitious, mineral composite panels have
been favored by architects for their superior fire
properties, relative light weight, and absence of
harmful, off-gassing content.  The pattern was
selected for its organic feel and contribution to the
overall design objective.


  • 4 patient chairs
  • modern contemporary dental office design
  • circulation conceived as gallery space
  • green materials
Project Description
Periodontist Office
Overland Park, Kansas
Green Dental Office
Dr. Ward's Dental Office was designed to provide a
good view to the outside from the patient chairs.