Sabates Eye Centers - Northland
Eye Centers
G2 Architects
Eye Center Architects Kansas City

This modern building comprises of 10,080sf on the
main floor and a 3,300sf basement.  Sabates Eye
Centers occupies 7,108sf of the main floor with the
rest set aside for lease space.  The basement is
used as storage.

Design Objective:

Located partially behind a bank south of the
intersection of Northwest Barry Road and North Saint
Clair Avenue the client desired a structure capable of
both drawing your attention and of being noteworthy.  
This was accomplished with an angled feature wall of
black granite punctured by glass and anodized
aluminum bays adorned with aluminum sunshade
devices.  The south side entrance was framed
between a cube clad in anodized corrugated
aluminum rotated from plan orthogonal and a
framework of sunshade devices extending from the
aforementioned bays.  The bulk of the building is
clad in a red brick articulated with repeating rows of
recessed brick.  The interior waiting and optical area
borrows materials from the exterior including the
brick, black granite and even the anodized
corrugated aluminum on the face of the reception
desk.  These materials were are warmed by design
features like the use of a earthy color palate and the
suspended maple ceiling clouds.


  • Black granite feature wall
  • 12 exam rooms
  • full optical shop
Project Description
Sabates Eye Centers - Northland
Kansas City, Missouri
Sabates Eye Centers Northland Location