Discover Vision Centers - Olathe
Eye Centers
G2 Architects
Dental Office Architects Kansas City

This new office is a 20,000sf two story building for
Discover Vision Center.  The lower floor of 10,000sf
is occupied by Discover Vision Center while the
upper floor is tenant lease space.

Design Objective:

The functional requirements of the Eye Center
dictate that exterior windows are to be kept out of the
clinical areas. This allowed us to take advantage of
the sloping site by burying a good portion of the
lower floor into the hill.   The entrance lobby, waiting,
and optical shop areas are placed at the low end of
the site where windows are abundant, while the
treatment areas are located deeper within and
protected from daylight.  The upper floor is then
maximized for lease space with windows on all four
sides.  The floor plan treatment area is organized
with a public corridor along the front, and an
employee work corridor along the back.  These main
corridors are connected with hallways serving exams
and testing rooms.


  • 18 exam rooms
  • 8 dedicated testing rooms
  • Full Optical Showroom
  • Two Story Lobby
Project Description
Discover Vision Center
Olathe, Kansas
Discover Vision Center in Olathe, Kansas near 135th
Street and Black Bob Road.
Discover Vision Center, Olathe