Discover Vision Centers - KCK
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G2 Architects
Dental Office Architects Kansas City

This ground up two story building consists of a total
of 21,640sf of space, of which 11,195sf was built out
for Discover Vision Center.  The remainder is tenant
lease space.

Design Objective:

This building was constructed after the Olathe
Discover Vision Center and utilizes many of the same
techniques, materials, and features.  A similar
architectural style and many of the same materials
were used, but modified to give this building its own
flair.  Also like the Olathe building, it was recessed
into the hill to minimize daylight in the treatment
areas, while providing abundant windows in the
public spaces and throughout the second floor lease
space.  The floor plan is organized about a central
nurses station allowing for the efficient use of
resources and employees.


  • 18 exam rooms
  • 8 dedicated testing rooms
  • Full Optical Showroom
  • Two Story Lobby
Project Description
Discover Vision Center
Kansas City, Kansas
Discover Vision Center located this project in close
proximity to the Legends at Village West Shopping
Center to serve the western side of the Kansas City
metropolitan area.